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Week 11 Preview: Shaping Up

11/16/2014, 10:45am CST
By Joe Barrett

Jockeying for position

Week 11 is going to be a pivotal week for many of the owners this year and there are only 3 weeks left to make your move for the playoffs. The North Conference is shaping up to be a tight race so far with 9 teams at 10-10 or better. The South Conference records are spread out just a little bit more than that. Every last point counts this late in the season and many teams are also looking to play spoiler. 

Phia is looking to be the first to clinch his spot into the playoffs this week while battling against me. With his 17 wins he's likely in already, but mathematically there's a slim chance he doesn't make it if his team decides to collapse. Speaking of me, I got the first Kim Kardashian Honorary trophy of the season by scoring the 2nd highest score of every but I still managed to lose to the Beauchane's.

Next week I'll get together a full playoff breakdown for the final 2 weeks of the season.

Featured Matchup for Week 11

There's a lot of big matchups this week in the North Conference with 1st place on the line between Joe (15-5, 6-4) & Travis (15-5, 8-2), but the playoff picture is all muddled up. Paige and Molly are right in the thick of it in 5th and 7th place respectively. Playoffs are tightening up and these 2 have only a 4 pt difference in their weekly average. 

Other matchups to watch in the North: Chris (10-10, 4-6) vs. Nicholas (12-8, 6-4) 

Weekly Challenge Results: So Close Charlie Brown!

With a new record for smallest margin of victory, Dan beats out Todd by .08 points which gives Todd the weekly challenge for losing by the smallest amount.

This Weeks Challenge: Double Vision Week

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