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Week 9 Preview: London Calling

10/28/2014, 8:45pm CDT
By Joe Barrett

Insane in the membrane

What a crazy week that featured 3 players hitting 40+ points for their owners, including Big Ben who was benched by both owners in the North and South and also included a new record for highest score from Phia at 204.2 points. Pete tried to edge out Rose for the lowest point total by a full roster but Romo managed to come back in the game and break those hopes.

This week might be a different order as there are many top tier players on byes from high powered offenses. This week was the highest average point total of the year so far by 6 pts over Week 1 and was the second highest scoring week ever with 121.7 pts per team. There weren't many crazy trophies awarded this week outside of Paige getting the Grammatica award with Greg the Leg scoring -1 pts for her. Tons of FA money went out the door and there might be some more with the byes this week too. 

With Phia taking down the challenge yet again, he's won 3 already and has won his money back even if he doesn't make it to the playoffs (which could happen). 

As we are just over halfway through the season now we can take a quick look at what has transpired. Over half the teams (17 of 28) are at .500 or above. Which also means that the playoff race this year will be especially tight. The North Conference is Dominating the South Conference in the overall pace so far with a 113-111 record against the South. Phia (14-2) has an All-Play record of 183-33 on the season so far and on the other end Lucas (4-12) is 50-166. Nate (5-11) has taken on the toughest schedule so far this season with his opponents putting up 121.97 pts a week and Kevin (13-3) has had the easy road so far with his opponents only putting up 97.64 pts per week.

A friendly reminder, PLEASE set your weekly lineups. I'll be getting on some of the owners that are starting bye players / injured guys, I want this to be as competitive as possible with everyone fielding lineups. No one has been eliminated yet so everyone is still in contention and there's no predicting what can happen.

Featured Matchup for Week 9

This weeks matchup features 2 conference teams that are 8-8 with Paige vs. Nick. With the week 9 byes hitting 6 NFL teams this week, it's a pivotal point in the season as the managers are looking to fill in the voids that are left. Both teams are losing 4 players to the bye, and Paige alone has 3 Titans (Paige is drinking that 2-6 Tennessee Kool-Aid™ pretty hard). The winner will help position their team for a nice playoff push while the loser won't be out just yet, but it will be a tougher road ahead.

Another matchup to watch: Phia vs. Travis in a cross conference showdown of top 2 teams in the league.

Weekly Challenge Results - Reggie Bush Week

What a battle in a crazy week of points. We had a tie at the top between Phia and Cory, but with his record setting ways Phia edges him out on the tie-breaker by a mere 55 points. The Other Joe B was oh so close behind by .2 points and the amazing thing is that it was all done by 6 different players for these 3 teams. Of note, there were a few teams that had guys in their flex that if they had played them in a RB or WR slot that would have one, including Sean Patrick Ryan having Arian Foster in his flex spot. Ryan Hanson had Golden Tate in his flex and Phia also had Emmanual Sanders in his flex. SO close to winning the prize.

Next weeks challenge: Gonzo Week – Team with the highest total of points from their highest scoring TE and WR. (Reminder, flex players do not count even if they qualify at those positions).

Team RB WR Total Team Score
Phia 39.3 27.5 66.8 204.2
Cory 24.1 42.7 66.8 149.2
Joe Bukowski 30.8 35.8 66.6
Travis K 15.5 42.7 58.2
Brownson 27.7 27.8 55.5
Nick 12.7 39.6 52.3
Paige 20.8 29.4 50.2
Lucas 26.2 22.3 48.5
Kevin 8 35.8 43.8
Mertz 13.3 27.8 41.1
Sean Patrick Ryan 12 29 41
Molly 13.5 27.5 41
Joe Barrett 21.7 18.5 40.2
Alec K 15.5 23.6 39.1
Ryan 30.8 8 38.8
Alec G 24.5 12 36.5
Brandon 26.2 9.8 36
Alex 24.1 11.6 35.7
Shawne 12.8 20.2 33
Shane 16.8 13.4 30.2
Todd K 0 28.1 28.1
Eddie 15.5 12.5 28
Dan 16.8 11 27.8
Josh 12.8 14.5 27.3
Nate 12.4 14.5 26.9
Rose 4.4 22.3 26.7
Scott 4.5 17.9 22.4
Pete 8.1 8.7 16.8

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