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Week 8 Preview: Emptying the Coffers

10/25/2014, 10:00pm CDT
By Joe Barrett

Diving into piles of gold

The week has only just started and there's been a lot of action so far with multiple double digit free agent auction bids on players that are moving into starting roles or have the chance too. This is also a very tough stretch as everyone is maneuvering the bye weeks and injuries. 

The Other Joe B (12-2) and Phia (12-2) move into the top spots in each of the conferences while TOJB also put up the high score for the week at 153.1 pts. There wasn't a lot of drama this week when it came to the conference games as there was only 1 game that was decided by less than 10 pts but some of the inter-conference games produced some closer matchups.

The top of the South Conference is up for grabs between Phia (12-2), Kevin (11-3), and Ryan (11-3) with Phia and Ryan facing off against each other this week. 4th place is tied up between 4 teams at 8-6 - Cory, Joe B, Alec K, and Pete with Scott also right behind sporting a 7-7 record.

The North is a bit more uniform with only The Other Joe B (12-2) and Travis (11-3) with over 10 wins. Alex and Molly come in at 9-5 with 4 more teams behind them within 2 games of them. 

Lots can change in the next 3 weeks as many teams on the NFL schedule will be on byes so these are very crucial times for these teams and even some not mentioned as everyone is still mathematically in it for the playoffs. 

Featured Matchup for Week 8

This weeks matchup features 2 teams that are right next to each other and looking to keep their seasons alive with a solid showing this week. Nate and Mertz come into this weeks play both with a 5-9 record and also scoring 104 pts a week. Nate has been a bit more consistent as it shows in the power rankings (ranked 17th). Both players have their top WRs nursing injuries. With the way the season has gone so far it's hard to know what to expect and it looks like this one will shape up to be a good one.

Weekly Challenge Results - Lucky 7s

Shane K takes down the Lucky 7 week with his 117 point score. No one else of the league was able to end in a 7 though there were plenty of teams still in play on Monday night.

Week 8 Challenge: Reggie Bush Week – Team with the most total points from their highest scoring RB and WR slots.

Team Total
Shane 117.9
Joe Bukowski 153.1
Alex 146.5
Alec G 140.2
Alec K 125.7
Phia 124.2
Joe Barrett 124.1
Ryan 122.9
Travis K 121.5
Dan 112.3
Sean Patrick Ryan 105.3
Paige 104.2
Pete 102.6
Scott 102.1
Molly 101.7
Lucas 101.4
Kevin 99.7
Nate 98
Nick 93.7
Todd K 93.6
Brandon 92.6
Mertz 91.9
Shawne 85.1
Cory 84.6
Eddie 83.9
Josh 81
Brownson 61.6
Rose 50.9

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