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Week 6 Preview: Peyton's Record Book

10/09/2014, 10:30am CDT
By Joe Barrett

Show Me Your Best Manning Face

It was an exciting week of football yet again. I rode the Demaryius Train all the way to the top score this week while Tom Brady was still trying to find himself on the bench. Kevin still continues to stay undefeated at 10-0, I think it's all going to his head. Cory was able to take the matchup of the week over Pete and Rose was wondering where her team went wrong (and let's be honest, I'm pretty sure it was because the Bengals scored -8 pts).

Kevin also was able to take down the weekly challenge with Pierre Thomas and Marshawn Lynch, so congrats Kevin. 

Lots of action went down in the free agent fight as the middle of the season gets rough with bye weeks and injuries in the Running Back sector. I'm sure it's likely to stay the same a few weeks from now when even more running backs are likely to get hurt yet again. 

Alec G also gave us another exciting Monday Night comeback with the help from Russel Wilson and his 34.2 pts. It only earned him 1 win on the week as it still had him fall short against Scott. 

It's getting to a crucial part of the season. There's still 8 weeks left until playoffs so everyone is theoretically in hunt. 

Matchup of the Week

This weeks matchup is a interconference matchup featuring between Phia and Alex. Phia has come come on strong sweeping his past 2 weeks while also staying undefeated in the South Conference. Alex on the other hand is looking to bounce back after getting swept last week.

Weekly Challenge Results - Ground & Pound

Next Weeks Challenge: Airing It Out Week – Starting wide receiver duo with the most points in the week. (Must be started in WR slot)

Owner RB1 RB2 Total
Kevin Marx 22.7 31.2 53.9
Cory 23.2 19.7 42.9
Ryan Hanson 32.6 9.2 41.8
Brandon 28.2 11.8 40
Joe Bukowski 32.6 4.4 37
Alec K 30.4 5.2 35.6
Alex 23.2 10.4 33.6
Lucas Ingles 28.2 2.7 30.9
Molly 22.7 6.1 28.8
Nicholas Reichert 16.7 10.6 27.3
Sean 8.7 18.4 27.1
Shawn 22.7 3.7 26.4
Joe Barrett 11.8 10.5 22.3
Phia Vang 16.8 4.4 21.2
Pete 10.4 9.2 19.6
Rose 9.2 9.8 19
Travis K 9.4 9.2 18.6
Paige 16.8 1.2 18
Dan D'Aquisto 13.8 3.1 16.9
Josh Brand 9.8 6.3 16.1
Shane Kline 13.8 1.9 15.7
Brownson Arebojie 9.4 6.3 15.7
Eddie Arpin 10.6 3.7 14.3
Alec Gorjestani 3.8 9.9 13.7
Scott Trenda 8.7 4 12.7
Nathan Arey 6.3 5.1 11.4
Todd 3.8 6.3 10.1
Chris 3.9 5.2 9.1

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