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Week 4 Preview: Sell Your Studs

09/25/2014, 1:15pm CDT
By Joe Barrett

The Crazy Gets Crazier

The crazy season continues, and if it's anything to show how crazy it is, Nathan is trying to show it by scoring the highest points with the biggest margin of victory to scoring the lowest the next. It also happened to unseat Brownson for his record of lowest points scored by a full lineup in a non-bye week by .7 points. 

Kevin keeps up his good fortunes by going 2-0 on the week to stay at 6-0 and also keeping his rank up at the top of the Power Rankings. The bye week blues are going to be hitting hard as there are 6 teams on bye and everyone is looking for replacements. Pete also went 2-0 to keep his record spotless. Brownson, Lucas, and Sean are looking for some help as the bye weeks are starting up to get  something positive in the win column. 

Alec G. Took home the weekly challenge (results below) thanks to Russell Wilson and Overtime to propel him into 2 wins.

Matchup of the Week

In a matchup of last years League winners, Alec K looks to take down Travis again as he did last year in the Championship. Travis has started out successful again this year coming out with a 5-1 record while Alec has struggled a bit without his first round pick of AP being around. 

Week 4 Projections

Weekly Challenge Results - I'll Catch a Grenade For You

Alec G. gets the weekly win for having the smallest margin of victory.

Week 4 ChallengeSpecial Teams Week – Team that scores the most from their K and DEF slots

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