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Week 3 Preview: Man Down! Man Down!

09/16/2014, 10:30am CDT
By Joe Barrett

It was a fire fight!

What a brutal week, between suspensions, drugs, troubles with the law, and an what seemed like a very large amount of injuries, we've made it through safely. There were plenty of Donuts to be thrown around this week with the likes of AJ Green, Marques Colston and even late additions to being out for the weekend with guys like Doug Martin. There were also many injuries to go around including some high end talent to the likes of AJ Green, Ryan Mathews, Vernon Davis, RGIII, and Jamaal Charles. Week 2 featured the lowest league average scoring ever in a non-bye week with only 106.3 pts/team which was an 8% drop from week 1. 

Brownson (0-4, 27th) wanted to put his name into the record books but not in the best of ways, he notched the lowest score ever with a full lineup (no BYE Week players) with a 58.5 (we won't name names of the 3 that came before him). He also came close to another feat of having his bench outscore his starting lineup but Ray Rice only scored 0 points and his bench totalled out 57.1 points instead. In fairness he did have Charles go out early with an injury, but those are the breaks.

Kevin (4-0, 1st) keeps up the strong start to his season by winning both matchups this week and also retaining the top spot in the Power28 Rankings. He's started out by outperforming his projections by 122.2% so far and putting down 143.4 points this week while not disappointing in the Premiere Matchup of the week against Rose (2-2, 12th). There are only 3 teams left with unblemished records and that can't be true anymore after this week. 5 teams are fighting to gain their first win on the other side of the standings.

We also got to see out first set of Gramatica's on the season, with 2 people starting Blair Walsh who grabbed a salty -1pts and another for starting Nate Freese who put up a solid -3pts. Definitely going in the wrong direction.

There also wasn't a lot of big action on the Free Agent Auction the first week outside of Alec K putting down $35 for Matt Asiata, but that may change with the way this week went with all the injuries to some key players. Time to start making some big moves to get up to the top of the standings.

Matchup of the Week

This week's premiere matchup is a dual for South Conference Supremacy (well outside of Kevin's team). These two 4-0 teams are set to battle it out to see who can stay undefeated in Conference play. With 2 weeks in the books, Ryan (4-0, 2-0) has put up a solid 129.05 pts/week while putting out a 93.72% performance rating. He's also ranked 7th in the Power28 showing that he has a strong contender for the rest of the season. Pete (4-0, 2-0) on the other hand comes in 12th in the Power28 and also the lowest of the 3 undefeated teams still left. Winning your matchups is all that matters to get you to the playoffs. Maybe Pete will throw up some great defense this week and mist Ryan into starting Josh Gordon. It's definitely one of the matchups you want to keep your eye on.

Week 3 Projections

Weekly Challenge Results - 41 Donut

The weekly challenge winner goes to Nathan with his dominant performance over Dan of 154.5-80 powered by Antonio Gates and Darren Sproles. Also interesting of note is that Shane ties the record for lowest margin of victory by edging out Mertz by 0.1 points in their interleague matchup. 

Week 3 Challenge: Too Close to Call - Win by the smallest margin of victory.

Here are the results for Week 2:

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