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Week 2 Preview: If only it was that easy

09/09/2014, 8:15pm CDT
By Joe Barrett

The Week That Was

An interesting start to the football season, where multiple players have gone down with injuries and owners looking to find their replacements. Scott Trenda came out with a hot start to his season behind the hands of Megatron and Orange Julius who both put up a 35.4 to start their seasons. Scott also won the weekly challenge, Peyton to Marvin, with his combo of Kaepernick and Megatron. He edged out Kevin Marx by 1 pt to take the first price of the season. (Reminder to all, all prize money will be distributed at the end of the year to make the accounting easier)

Last Weeks feature matchup between Paige and Brownson turned into a scorcher with Paige winning by 41.8 pts. Brownson missed out on the Cam Newton news too late and wasn't able to get the 18 pts from Andy Dalton, though to be fair he still would have lost both matchups as he ran into the freight train that was Trenda. 

This weeks trophies went out to Scott for highest score and the challenge win, while Sean Ryan takes home his first career Bieber Fan Club trophy with the low score of the week. I also took home my 2nd career Neil Racker Special, which I'm still not sure if that's a good thing that I pick my kickers well, or more a sign that my team is inept…

Matchup of Week 2

This weeks featured matchup is our first matchup of the season between 2 highly ranked contestants. After winning both of their matchups in the first week, Kevin (2-0, 2nd Overall) vs. Rose (2-0, 3rd) look to prove that they made the right decisions on draft day. Scoring 155.3 pts and 155.2 pts last week respectively, they only share 1 player out of their starting lineup and it's the Bengals defense. This non-conference tilt should prove to light up the scoreboard.

Week 2 Challenge: Blow Out Week – Team that wins with the biggest points margin of victory.

Week 2 Projections

Results: Peyton to Marvin Challenge

Owner QB WR Total
Scott Trenda 17.1 35.4 52.5
Kevin Marx 26.7 24.8 51.5
Rose 31.4 17.1 48.5
Ryan Hanson 30 17.6 47.6
Phia Vang 31.4 14.8 46.2
Alex 26.7 19.1 45.8
Nathan Arey 20 25.6 45.6
Molly 30 15.3 45.3
Chris 9.2 35.4 44.6
Shane Kline 18 25.6 43.6
Josh Brand 22.5 18.8 41.3
Alec Gorjestani 18.5 21.8 40.3
Todd 22.5 15.7 38.2
Travis K 18.5 19.7 38.2
Nicholas Reichert 18 17.8 35.8
Joe Bukowski 12.5 22.6 35.1
Paige 18.3 16.6 34.9
Brandon 17.1 16.6 33.7
Dan D'Aquisto 15.5 17.7 33.2
Alec K 14.9 17.8 32.7
Shawne 14.9 17.3 32.2
Pete 9.2 19.1 28.3
Eddie Arpin 12.5 15.3 27.8
Joe 10.3 16.6 26.9
Lucas Ingles 15.5 8.7 24.2
Cory 9.6 13.3 22.9
Sean 9.6 13.3 22.9
Brownson Arebojie 0 17.9 17.9

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